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Code of Conduct

  • Safety first: All players must follow safety rules at all times. This includes wearing appropriate eye protection, not removing their eye protection during gameplay, and following any other safety guidelines set by the site.

  • Respect other players: All players must treat other players with respect and dignity. This includes refraining from verbal or physical harassment, bullying, or any other disrespectful behavior.

  • No cheating: All players must play fair and not cheat in any way. This includes not altering their guns or equipment in any way that gives them an unfair advantage, not calling false hits, and not breaking any other gameplay rules.

  • Follow gameplay rules: All players must follow the rules of the game set by the site. This includes any objectives or missions, game boundaries, and any other rules that apply to the gameplay.

  • No aggressive behavior: All players must refrain from any aggressive or violent behavior. This includes any physical altercation or verbal confrontation with other players, staff members, or other individuals at the site.

  • No drugs or alcohol: All players must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while playing airsoft. Any player found to be under the influence will be immediately removed from the game.

  • No littering: All players must clean up after themselves and dispose of any garbage or litter properly.

  • Follow the instructions of staff: All players must follow the instructions of the staff members at the site. This includes any safety instructions, gameplay rules, or any other instructions given by the staff.

  • No unauthorized weapons: All players must only use approved airsoft guns and equipment on the site. Any unauthorized weapons or equipment will be confiscated.

  • No shooting outside the gameplay area: All players must not shoot their guns outside the gameplay area. This includes any shooting into the parking lot, surrounding streets, or any other areas outside of the designated gameplay area.

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