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Site Rules

Gates open at 7:30

Safety Brief at 8:30 (Don't be late for this!)

Games start at 9:00 (Don't be late for this either!)

Lunch at 12:30ish - 13:30ish

Games finish at 17:00


Please adhere to the 10mph speed limit on entry and exit to the site!

A marshal will be on hand at arrival to direct you to the parking for the checkpoint, please refrain from parking in the designated Nant-Y-Moor parking leading to the cafe.


  • ALL Weapons must be made safe before entering the Safe Zone and MUST remain safe until you enter the game zone.


  • No magazines in weapons, Chambers must always be cleared and safeties on.


  • HPA tanks must be disconnected from the RIF.


  • No Dry Firing in the safe zone. 





  • Eye protection must be worn at all times in the game area.  Eye protection may only be removed in the safe zone.


  • Under 18’s must wear a single piece full face protection must be worn at all times in the game area.  Eye protection may only be removed in the safe zone.


  • Do not engage players who are covering their eyes.





  • All weapons must go through our chronograph prior to being used in the game zone.


  • Usually, we will chronograph on your BB’s, however, be aware that we may substitute for our own BBs if we suspect anyone of trying to ‘cheat’ the chrono process.

  • We only permit the use of biodegradable BBs.

  • Novritsch Full Thrust kits and larger BBs are NOT permitted on our site.  6mm BBs only, with a maximum weight of 0.50g.

  • HPA users must be able to have their regulator tournament locked.


Full auto/Pistol/Shotgun limit       - 350fps (0.20g) or 1.13J

DMR/Locked Semi auto                 - 450fps (0.20g) or 1.88J

Bolt Action Sniper rifles                 - 500fps (0.20g) or 2.3J






On check in, each player will be issued a player number.  Any rule infractions will be noted against your player number, 3 strikes and you’ll be asked to leave the site.


  • Airsoft is a game of honesty, take your hits! When hit, raise your hand and shout HIT, keep your hand raised until you reach the respawn area.


  • If someone isn’t taking their hits, call a marshal and where possible, inform the marshal of the player number.


  • Anyone arguing will be asked to respawn, if this continues you will be asked to sit out the rest of the game.


  • NO blind firing, you must have line of sight.


  • Dead men don’t talk!  Don’t be tempted to whisper to your team mates on the way back to spawn!


  • We don’t operate a ‘bang’ rule but don’t be stupid, over shooting will not be tolerated, a shot or two is sufficient.

  • On the day, rules will be briefed prior to the start of each game in the safe zone.  Be sure to listen as there may be changes to boundaries and objectives.

  • Three blows on a marshalls whistle signals an emergency stop to the game, all players must remove their magazines and place weapons on the ground.





  • Pyrotechnic use is permitted for over 18’s only.

  • Yellow smoke is for use by Marshalls and event staff only, players are asked to not use yellow smoke.


  • NO homemade/DIY pyro.  Anyone found to be using unapproved pyro will be ejected and banned from the site.


  • Reusable pyrotechnics MUST be thrown underarm only.


  • Any pyro not purchased on site must be approved by us prior to use.


  • If pyro has not detonated do not retrieve it, notify a marshal immediately.


  • 5-meter kill radius for pyro. 

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